Chippenham Tri Annual Report 2017

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How could we surpass the previous years’ rapid club development and performance in 2017? Well the answer is we smashed it! 2017 built on the previous 2 years and turned out to be another great year for the orange and blues, The club again nearly doubled in size growing from 71 members to 125, and yet kept the balance of … Read More

Chippenham Tri Annual Report 2016

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2016 has been another great year for the orange and blues, building on the ground breaking first full season in 2015. In fact, the club has doubled in size, and performances at all levels have been inspirational. At the annual awards, held at the Langley Tap on 7th October, over 30 members celebrated the club’s achievements. As presented during the … Read More

Significant Gains – Part 2 – Fitness Testing & Training Smart

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This is the second part of my “significant gains” blog. Building on the bike set-up aspects discussed in part one, we now focus on training at the right intensity. While the first part was focussed on the bike, this topic is equally applicable to running, and indeed swimming. The full blog can be found here. Significant gains…..Train smart, race fast! … Read More

Chippenham Tri Annual Report 2015

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Five triathlon athletes

Chippenham Tri Annual Report 2015 Chris Maxwell It all seems a long time ago since we shared a swim lane with Corsham ASC. I distinctly remember a cold February 2014 evening leaving the pool where we’d had only 1 triathlete amongst the 8 Corsham swimmers, down beat with the thought that perhaps establishing a triathlon club in Chippenham was a … Read More

Significant Gains – Part One – Balancing Aerodynamics with Power

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Triathlete training on indoor bike showing optimum angle for legs

Brailsford’s “marginal gains” is perhaps an over-used term, but the two aspects covered in this 2-part blog would arguably be more in the “significant gains” category. When it comes to cycling, there are two broad areas to focus on when you’re looking to take seconds or even minutes off your race time: Equipment and fitness. My first part of the … Read More

Chicago World Triathlon Championships 2015!

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Triathlete cycling in Chicago Triathlon Championships

It all started in 2012! The Brownlee’s impressive performances at the London Olympics, reignited my passion for triathlon after an eight year break. My fourth return from competitive sport soon followed in 2013 (I’m on a par with George Forman for come-backs!). So it all began with a 4km-400km-40km triathlon challenge for my 40th birthday, then dabbling in local races, … Read More