Significant Gains – Part One – Balancing Aerodynamics with Power

Alison HarveyCoaching, Racing, Triathlon

Triathlete training on indoor bike showing optimum angle for legs

Brailsford’s “marginal gains” is perhaps an over-used term, but the two aspects covered in this 2-part blog would arguably be more in the “significant gains” category. When it comes to cycling, there are two broad areas to focus on when you’re looking to take seconds or even minutes off your race time: Equipment and fitness. My first part of the blog covers bike fit and can be found here.

…Getting the set-up right will ensure maximal power, and linked to that, help prevent injury….

!Chris having a bike fit assessment

A bike fit service is offered by BW Cycling  in Bristol, and at Cycology Bikes in Chippenham. Both offer discounts to Chippenham Tri members.

In the second part of this blog, I’ll consider the engine behind the machine….